Monday, 13 October 2008

Run over by A Go kart

Looks innocent that car to the right there doesn't it? Don't beleive it! My youngest is currently laid up with a suspected fracture in her foot after being run over by one of these things. I do not recommend going to the nearest hospital to Wembley when england are playing at home with a child with a "minor" injury. We were there nearly six hours and that's not counting the half hour wait for an ambulance.

By the way these are not my kids this image was taken directly from their website

If you are anywhere near Wembley Don't go to Fantasy Island Play Area it's dangerous. At my daughter's recent birthday party one of the guests split is head open on an unprotected steel bar


Ralph said...

My God what a disaster Wembley in general sounds like! What's the verdict on your daughter's foot?

Peewit said...


they still can't find a fracture but they have treated as if it is. She has a dinky little cast on her foot and a plastic shoe which enables her to walk without crutches. In fact she's almost back to running speed already. She has never been one for doing anything slowly!

Peewit said...


I'd never thought that my identity picture might actually be anything more than a witty picture. Somehow now it feels very appropriate!