Saturday, 4 October 2008

From today's Financial Times

TONY MCNULTY - London minister
Seen as an articulate bruiser, Mr McNulty will be expected to act as a foil to Boris Johnson, the popular Tory mayor for London. MP for Harrow East since 1997, the former lecturer worked as a whip from 1999 to 2002 and moved on to be immigration minister in 2005 and police minister from Mary 2006

Mc Nulty was a prefect at my secondary school (High school) when I arrived fresh faced at 11. I remember him as an inarticulate bully who once sent me off to "write an essay on the inside of a table tennis ball" because I had dared to speak in the dinner queue. Now I leave it up to you to decide whether I had to someone inscribe the inside of a plastic sphere or to write many words of existensialism on what might be inside a plastic sphere


Ralph said...

I take it he has a new position in government? "Foil to MP..." leader of the oppostion?

adam said...

I still find it very very strange that there are people I played student politics with who are now knocking around the national scene. Although none of those told me off, so far as I can recall.

Peewit said...


My turn to go missing now! Yes he is a government minister. He has been a junior minister for sometime now always just avoiding the sack before he's moved onto another department.

I know what you mean. Another of my contemporaries is now head of the legal service for HMRC and another a published Author with 4 books to his name (last time I looked) and who was also responsible for The Rowan Atkinson barclaycard ads (this will mean nothing to our overseas visitors!)

ib said...

Peewit. Your picture of this "articulate bruiser" means much more to me than a thousand purportedly informed articles in the Sunday papers.

I loathe bullies, and I am profoundly suspicious of their ability to reform with maturity.

Davy H said...

WTF is an 'articulate bruiser' and why is being such held to be, in any way, a good thing? FFS. It's like Blair never happened.