Thursday, 3 July 2008

A long overdue post

Now that I seem to have attracted the attention of the weblog community I'd better start posting more regularly! Thanks Ib for adding me to your links.

IA believe it or not has just come back from a holiday in France. His school ( a special needs school) takes the Year 6's to France every year. It's an amazing undertaking, given that there are other kids who have more fundamental needs than IA. But they are a great school (I might be biased because I am a governor there) check out their website

But with him being away I was able to see my Daughter play Viola at a reknowned classical music venue. see the picture posted by a proud father


ib said...

Hi, peewit ; good to see you have updated your posts!

The viola is a beautiful instrument, so respect to your daughter for settling on it as an instrument of choice.

I trust your son, IA had a great time in France. It's good for kids to get a degree of independence from their parents - as a dad myself I seem to spend too much time worrying that my own son doesn't get nearly enough time with his peers. When I was a kid his age I would be out during the summer until all hours, but it's changed days, and the area we live in is way too dangerous...

Look forward to seeing some photos of the French trip up here soon.


Peewit said...

Hi, ib, I will have to wait for the school give me the disc with the photos but I will put them up in due course.

I can now understand the buzz of receiving comments almost as soon as you've written the post and can understand the complaints often read that no comments are posted. I try and comment when I can but as you can imagine I don't always have the time to do more than read the posts on my favourite blogs ( and occassionally download the music) So forgive me if I don't comment that often on siblingshot but rest assured I read it regularly!