Thursday, 10 July 2008

from form to from

All was well with E. When I got home she was building a tower with the garden chairs and climbing up to get her frisbee stuck in the tree!

The title if this post reflects one of my major gripes with auto correct. In my job i often have to write letters and memos referring to a specific form. Word always auto corrects this to form. And whenever, I type From it autocorrects to form. VERY Frustrating. But I am also involved in the editing of internal guidance so I have had the great delight of sending an e-mail today saying " this guidance was fine except you will have to change "from" from "from" to "form". It sent Word into a veritable tizzy!


Ralph said...

I love it! So glad you're back among us here in the ether, Peewit. I look forward to your stories.

I had a cousin with Downs; she was without question the sweetest of all my crazy relatives. Unfortunatley she came along before our current knowledge, so there were no special schools for her, but she was an always-busy and hugely productive member of her family. I miss her. She was aptly named: Joy.

ib said...

Interesting. This may well be why I continue to get mail addressed to "falt" when it should be "flat", despite having attempted on numerous occasions to correct it.

Word Out!