Sunday, 13 September 2009

Can anybody translate, please?

I was sent this job spec recently. I'd love to know what the job actually entails

Herewith thoughts for a potential 6 month project for our secondee.

Objective - To develop a pipeline of compelling Value Propositions for priority segments in corporate/government markets

–Which adjacent markets are ‘closer’ to home and present quick win opportunities?
–In which adjacent markets can we fast track Value Propositions (VP’s) that require little development and less capability stretch?
–Where are the ‘further out’ opportunities in attractive adjacent market segments that may require additional capabilities or partnerships but that will help you leapfrog competitors and will be the foundation of the future business.

The challenge: To find propositions that have maximum traction in a broad range of verticals and workflow types

VP’s by workflow types?
Case management
Expense management
Risk Management?

VP’s by corporate vertical?
VP’s by Government vertical?
Local Authorities
Services (police, health)

Suggested process –

1. Prioritise, (through competitor/ market analysis and internal interviews), attractive segments within the corporate and government markets for work flow solutions
2. Gain market leading insight into the pain points, unmet needs, purchasing barriers for workflow solutions within the attractive segments
3.Build & validate a portfolio of quick win and breakthrough VP’s that will capitalise on unmet needs, displaying strong commercial potential and that are deliverable for LN
4. Recommend through a robust financial & commercial evaluation which value propositions LN should prioritise for immediate & longer term development

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Ralph said...

Classic, Peewit! You've found your calling: writing this impenetrable stuff!